Building a new Car Wash?

Hoffman Services can help with Site Evaluation, Layout and Construction.  Once your building is complete we will install the most cutting edge car wash equipment in the industry.  We don't stop there!  Hoffman will be your trusted advisor to help you build and sustain a successful Car Wash business.



Our team works with you, developing your wash as if it was our own and together we deliver a proven, successful wash model.

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ultimate processing, ultimate operation.

A free-standing car wash tunnel with record breaking power and processing ability, the Totally Tommy Express serves as the ultimate car wash platform.

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More Services, More Return.

The absolute best combination Gas Station, Express Car Wash, and High-End Convenience Store on the market, complete with a coffee or restaurant franchise.

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Small Footprint, Big Opportunity.

A condensed version of the Express, the Mini is a fully conveyorized tunnel that looks great and packs the same incredible processing power on a much smaller lot.