What type of a maintenance plan should I employ to keep my car wash running as efficiently and effectively as possible?

A Car Wash Tunnel is a difficult environment.  Keeping your Car Wash operating at an optimal level is perhaps the biggest challenge any operator faces.  It requires discipline, diligence and continual investment.  Creating and/or following a maintenance guide can help you stay ahead of costly repair bills and unbudgeted replacement costs.  Hoffman Services offers a Preventative Maintenance Program (PM) to help you meet this challenge.  You can combine Hoffman's PM service with our Chemical Program to ensure your Car Wash operates efficiently and cleans cars effectively.  If you are fortunate enough to have the staff to perform your own maintenance and chemical balancing you can use the Maintenance Interval Schedule below as a guide.  This schedule was developed by Tommy Car Wash Systems and can serve as a "Best Practice" for the car wash operator.  It can also help you to plan and budget for equipment expenditures.  

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Car Washing Podcast Series

"The HOW of Car Washing" is a podcast series hosted by David Begin and Henry Lopez.  In the series, Begin and Lopez share the knowledge they have gained during the course of their careers by providing advice, tips and techniques for operating a successful Car Wash business.

The episodes can be found at www.thehowofcarwashing.com, the episodes are also free to listen to on iTunes.